the tent cities of noco

while there were several locations that tent cities were being put together – one officially sanctioned by the ussf, several others were located throughout the city, at least 2 of which were located in our lovely neighborhood of north corktown aka noco.

spirit of hope was the headquarters for the anarchist convergence, complete with food not bombs and the wobblies cooking free meals for all.  tents were set up though out with cute names like the mulberry patch. crust kids were eating and hanging out all around the play ground.  it was pretty adorable.

the playground full of crusty kids

tent city at spirt of hope

should anyone care the big red house in the background is the house that my friend dave purchased and worked for years to renovate.  known by most as crow manor.

a little bit closer to home were the campgrounds at spaulding court.

spaulding court is the apartment complex that sits just across the street from me.  i can look at it as i speak, and outside of a tree in the way this is the view that i see.

spaulding court

as you can see it looks in pretty rough shape – we have a long history with spaulding from the gun battles between donut and the other drug dealers, to fire bombings that set the front of the building on fire.  the drama at spaulding was so on going that when ma woke me up in the middle of the night the second time it caught on fire, i just said oh, and went back to sleep. when the water went out at our house a couple of winters ago – it was all because of the pipes busting at spaulding.

so by comparison having a bunch of hippies set up tents in the courtyard seems like a blessing.  of course you can’t see the hippies or tents from this angle, its only when you actually enter the courtyard

the tent city in the courtyard

the hippies need to bathe (what kind of hippies are these anyway that they need to shower) and use the bathroom, which they set up in a couple of the apartment openings.

shower on the left, wash station in the middle, toilets on the right

i’m not sure how building and safety or the health department would feel, but i have to give them credit for the ingenuity of the set up.

my neighbor brother nature always looking for a way to make a buck – set up a chuck wagon of sorts with his other neighbor in an airstream at the end of the court-yard.

dining area

a close up of the menu

riding though the neighborhood late sunday night – everyone is pretty much packed up and gone.

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  1. Great work with all the USSF updates. Thanks!

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