dispatch from the ussf part 5

saturday was the final day of the ussf, and frankly i was pretty happy to see it over – if only so i could sleep in a little the next day and focus on some other tasks.

we did another presentation like we did on tuesday – combining the workshops for detroit black community food security network with work to highlight the work we have done as individual organizations but also the work done together – specifically addressing issues of race and power and how they affect the food system of detroit – and what we are doing to address them.

the workshop

we ended up having well over 100 people attend – and i have to say i think we just rocked it – it went really well and i was able to meet some amazing folks perhaps none more so than vincent harding, i was completely dumbstruck by his wisdom and kindness.  the energy in the room was really high, and i left feeling like we really did change a good amount of peoples opinions of detroit for the better.  and i’m realizing just how much work we need to do – both locally and nationally to push for a just food system.

as i rode my bike back home thinking about the end of these days – i couldn’t help but be struck by a bit of sadness.  i enjoyed seeing everyone walking around downtown, or riding bikes.  i enjoyed the elevated energy, meeting new people, having folks stop by the farm.  but i also know that it couldn’t keep up like that, we have to go back to our daily lives.  but i hope that we are left with something – a deeper understanding of how many other share the vision for a just world – and how many others are willing to help if only asked.  and i’m struck by how much we have done here in detroit, but i’m also struck by how much we have left to do.  i hope we can build on what we have done and keep the momentum going.

my final act – my symbolic end to the ussf was having ma cut off the stupid plastic wrist band i had to wear for the last 5 days.

bright orange wrist band of the ussf

i really disliked it at first, but over time i came to like it – it was a bonding point if you saw someone else with the wrist band you knew that they were part of the ussf too, and you could start a conversation around that.  i kind of miss that wrist band, and i guess i’m kind of morning the end of the ussf and not being to be able to see and converse with so many people.


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