trees for sale.

in the fall of 2013 with the ground frozen, i chipped away at the frozen ground in order to be able to plant chestnut seeds for all ya’ll.


they have been growing for over a full year, and now are ready for you.  i’m taking orders now.  these are chestnuts grown from seed collected from mark shepard’s breeding projects at new forest farm, and have been breed to bear well in the cold winters of the north.  they are eight dollars each, for those looking for orders of ten or more – i may be able to provide discounts.  also please note that these need to be in pairs for proper pollination.  i have a limited number of four year old hazel nuts available for ten dollars each and a very limited number of five year old paw paws for 20 dollars each.  send an email to mpatrickcrouch at gmail dot com to place orders.  thanks.


3 responses to “trees for sale.

  1. How much do those chestnut plants cost? I might be interested in planting some in my backyard. My wife has been getting on me to do something with the backyard for a while now—hopefully I can plant these!

  2. Do you still have trees available? I will be needing many next spring as I finally got my little slice of 3 acre heaven.

    • I do, I’ll be selling chestnuts in the fall as well as next spring. send an email to dirtysabot at gmail (dot) com if you wanna place an order.

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