final indoor lead remediation work.

as i’m sure you are aware, i haven’t updated in a very long time.  it’s not because there hasn’t been anything to write about.  quite the contrary, we have been so busy, that i just haven’t been able to find the time – or i should say make time to write.  i’m thankful that so many folks have continued to read the blog and more folks have subscribed, despite such a  lengthly absence from posting.

in a previous post i gave a big update on all the lead remediation work we had done, the only major task left to do for this year was the kitchen.  with one last big push s and i encapsulated all the woodwork and then painted over it with a basic white – two layers of encapsulant, and two of the final color for the wood work, and two coats of primer and two of final color for the walls.  it took a very long time.

having the kitchen pulled apart was a pain, we spend a huge amount of our day in the kitchen and having it not easy to use certainly put a crimp in our style.  we ate a good amount of take out.

i’m happy with the result.  the new color is much brighter than the old. we still have much to do in the kitchen.  fall project is to put in shelving, as we have very few cabinets, but for now it is lovely to work in.  eventually we wish to do a full overhaul of the kitchen, but that will have to wait until money situation takes a change for the better.


next i write about all the outdoor work.


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