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photos from around the farm june 2012

a little late, as i try to get these up in the first week of the month, but better late than never.  i actually took the photos in the first week. echinacea flowers

orange butterfly weed aka pleurisy root

flowers in front of the community garden



the grapes leafed out and the new salvaged cedar posts from reclaim detroit.

the greenhouse mostly empty

red raspberries

red currants

the hoop house

tomatoes, peppers and squash in the hoop house.

black raspberries

the compost pile, greatly diminished

potatoes hilled

potato flower



that is all.  what is happening at your garden or farm?

p.s. let us celebrate, this is my 400th post.


photos from around the farm april 2012

april already?  this year has been flying by.

asparagus is up about a month early this year, but now that the temperatures have returned to normal, it is really grown slowly and some crowns have still not put any spears up.  usually once its up i’m harvesting something like 10 to 15 pounds a day.  this year i’m harvesting like 3 pounds every other day.  strange year.

the greenhouse packed pretty tightly.the hoop house fully planted.  we have been harvesting about 75 pounds of greens a week out of it.  tomatoes and peppers get planted this week.  currant flowersgooseberry flowerserviceberry flowersthe garlic on the left and overwintered onions and leeks on the right.  uncovered for weeding.  the sifters set up and ready for action.  we have had a number of alternative spring break groups come through, and they have been really excited about sifting compost, which means we have been able to get a pretty good amount of compost sifted.  we even have a little in reserve for a change.planting collards and kale.what’s happening with yr garden or farm?

photos from the first week of july

ripe currants

elder flowers in bloom

hubbard squash plants

potato flowers


swiss chard

black raspberries



leek flowering


greatest misses pt. 2

more of the leftover’s from 2010.  leftovers seem to get a bad rap.  i for one love them, it’s often what i have for breakfast.

blue cohosh – more wildflowers from the early spring walks.

native currents blooming on belle isle.  i always go back looking for the berries once they are ripe, but the mosquitos are just so oppressive i can’t even stop to turn over leaves.  i have to run to keep them off of me, with a hoodie up covering my neck, and as much of my face.

nuka bran pickles with lotus root i tried to make.  total failure.  sometimes it’s best if you follow directions.  especially if you have no clue as to what you are doing.  but i haven’t given up yet, just for this batch.

more frozen fog in brush park

the greenhouse ridge vent filled with water – amazingly enough the hyperbolic curve with water in it was able to focus the sunlight to act like a magnifying glass and actually set a pallet that was in the greenhouse smoking!  the freak storm that brought this much water in also fried the controls on the ridge vent which meant i could not close it.  in order to get the water out i had to poke holes at the bottom of the troughs of water, and get water raining down all over me in the process!

screwing the cap on a jar of honey.  i like the look of highly contrasted hands doing stuff.  this works out really well since ma likes to make paper cuts of highly contrasted hands doing stuff.  i love her.

the little house we stayed at in maine.

mushrooms with a pine cone in maine

another maine sunset.  more maine fun here and here

mead from the permaculture plot

my big plan to celebrate the permaculture plot over at the local community garden, hope takes root, is with a proper garden party.  no garden party would be complete without some libation, and what better libation than one made with fruits of the garden.  with that in mind i harvested everything that ripened this year.

fruit out of the garden

not too impressive of a haul – less than a quart of red currants, black currants,  gooseberries, and jostaberries.  but i carry on.  washed them off, dropped them in a 2 quart jug and covered them with some partially finished mead to kick-start the fermentation and add flavor.  a year from now we can enjoy this at the garden part.  i hope you will be able to join me.