eating poison?

not truly poison, but something i thought might be poison.   for years i’d seen black nightshade in the garden, and thought it poisonous.  it is after all nightshade, and many of us think of deadly nightshade when we hear anything about nightshade.  deadly nightshade was one of those fears along with quicksand that was a big fear for me as a kid, but doesn’t seem to concern folks these days.   i had heard reports that this nightshade was actually not poison, including this post on the excellent root simple blog that had me pretty convinced  to try sampling some black night shade a couple of years ago, but s seemed to think it a poor idea.  i’m somewhat famous for sticking what ever is at hand into my mouth, she seemed to think that my possible death would interfere with our plans to procreate.  having successfully  procreated, and now having some life insurance, i found myself weeding the other day and faced with a very large black nightshade plant that had plenty of ripe berries on it.  i took a chance and stuck a few in my mouth.  the next morning i was doing just fine, they must be edible.

how did it taste?  kind of like ground cherries.  actually a lot like ground cherries.  but they are really small.  i liked them, but if i had my choice i’d just grow some ground cherries – as they are bigger and much more prolific.  but now that i know they are edible, i’d certainly much on them when i see them.  here they are for those wondering what they look like.



3 responses to “eating poison?

  1. Wow -is that what that is? I just ate some the other day too while I was weeding. I thought they were from seeds called “wonder berries” I planted a few years ago.

  2. I always thought they tasted like tomatoes but purple. They’re the wild version of garden huckleberry. If you can get enough they make a great wine.

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