rodent resistant seed starting

at first you might not notice you have a rodent problem in the greenhouse.  they don’t tend to bother the brassicas which are the first crops to be sown.  it’s when you start sowing the warm season crops that it becomes apparent.  suddenly you watermelon plants are bit off, or the seed of the pepper plants are dug up.  it’s a sure sign you have mice.  you really shouldn’t wait until you know you have mice to control them, you should just assume you have them at the beginning of the season and set traps (tip for traps, since mice are so good at getting bait off traps, even peanut butter on the bottom, a cotton ball really shoved into the trap can work well, they collect the cotton for their nests).  i failed to do that this year, and once i realized that we had a rodent problem we had to take bolder actions.

we done this a couple years when we have realized we have mice problems and it’s worked well for us.  a hanging shelf where they can’t get to.  i’m sure if they really wanted to get to the seeds they could, but at that point i’d want to trap them put little outfits on them and train them to be circus mice.  hangingshelfonce the seedlings have germinated and ready to be pricked off we take them off the shelf, since the mice don’t really care about them at that point.


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