one year house anniversary

“s” was pointing out that we have been in the house for a year the other day.  i would have guessed that it was four months.  my perception of time is totally wack.

i have not written much about home improvement around the house, and i’ve vowed not to make this into a home improvement blog, but i did want to recount the work done since we moved in.

insulation added to attic

insulation added to floor joists

insulation and vapor barrier added to crawl space

caulked around ever window, door, and baseboards

added door sweeps to front and back doors

repointed foundation on the north-side of the exterior foundation and eastside of the interior foundation

rebuilt front porch

painted the living room, dining room, laundry room, hall upstairs and down, and three bedrooms.  we only have the bathroom, kitchen, and pantry left to go.

installed washer and dryer in the new laundry room.

replaced kitchen faucet

installed under counter lighting in kitchen

replaced bathtub faucet and added shower

replaced bathroom light

replaced bathroom toilet

installed radiator in the kids room

added several new garden beds

thanks to my moms, lots of spring bulbs planted,

two trees cut down, with more on the way to make room for the trees and other perennials we want to plant.

lots more planned for this year – should be a busy spring and summer.


One response to “one year house anniversary

  1. Wow! I’ve been living in my house for 14 years and haven’t gotten that much done. Good for you!

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