no cost humidifier

cold air holds less moisture than warm air – which means that during the winter our detroit air has a lot less moisture.  this is the case for cold air outside, but it’s also the case for our warm air inside – cause it’s just cold air that’s been warmed up.  we perceive dry air as colder air so adding moisture to the air helps us to be more comfortable in colder air, allowing us to keep the house colder and yet still feel more comfortable, and save money on the heating bill.

adding moisture to the air also helps your sinuses from feeling so dried out,  as well as our skin feeling all itchy.

the obvious solution is to use a humidifier, but humidifiers cost money to run, a couple bucks a month , so if you have several that could be six dollars a month – multiply that by five months of heating and you 30 bucks of costs.  while that might not seem like a lot, the way to save money isn’t just to try to cut out big expenses, but also little expenses, they add up.

if you have radiators – i have a simple low cost solution for you:

potonradiatora pot.

fill with water put on top of radiators – add one to each radiator and you can be getting several gallons of water into the air each day, adding to your comfort at no cost.  if you wanna get really fancy you can add a little essential oil to the pot and make your house smell all nice and stuff – no cost humidifier and aromatherapy all in one.


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