solstice celebration

the winter solstice is one of the most important days for me of the year –  it marks our return into light – it marks the transition toward days getting longer, toward the time when i can again put seeds into the ground.  

i also always see it as a time for fresh beginnings – in the same way that most folks like to make new year’s resolutions – i like to make commitments on the solstice – usually it is giving things up – throwing off those things that hold me back.  

 with little one now in our family, these traditions feel even more important, as they are now traditions i share -instead of just being my own.  this year for the solstice we had lovely 68 degree weather and were able to go the beach .  

we were able to christen the kid with salt water from the atlantic, and i threw a couple of shells into the ocean – with each toss  hopefully throwing away those things holding me back.  

i wanted to make the kid something special for the solstice as well, and after learning how much i enjoyed carving – i decided to make him a teething ring, as he will be needing that soon. 

my friend e was kind enough to give me some scraps of cherry left over from his woodworking projects, and i hand carved this ring. 

teethingringi have several other pieces of cherry so this may not be the final version – i’m interested in trying to carve one with a rattle from a single piece of wood.  

anyone have any carving tips?  


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