the fig finds a home.

you may remember our fig plant – from such post as this or this.  i’m not really sure why i purchased this fig in the first place – i’m certain it was something of a whim, and that i thought i would find a place to plant it sooner or later.  it ended up being more later.  i ‘ve been carting it in and out of the house for the about six years now.  after six years i can finally stop carting it in and out, as it has a home.  my mother was kind enough to plant this guy out while she was visiting us.  
fig plantthis variety is chicago hardy, rumored to be able to make it though the winter weather of chicago.  if it can make it in chicago it should be able to make it in detroit.  while it is supposed to be able to make it, i don’t know any fig growers in the area that don’t take steps to protect their figs.  some folks dig a pit, bend the fig down and bury it.  other wrap it in burlap.  i chose to build a cage around it and stuff straw around it.  mulchhopefully this will be enough to keep it well protected and we will have lovely figs in the years to come. 

anyone have experience growing figs in zone 6 or colder?  


2 responses to “the fig finds a home.

  1. For what it’s worth, I had a friend in Hoboken, New Jersey who had a mature fig tree in his back yard and he did nothing to it during the winter months.

  2. i really want to have a chicago fig in my yard…i am in michigan city/laporte area and always worried even though you hear about the good results that mine would turn out to be a bad result….hope yours does well – it will give me hope…
    Where did you get yours? a local nursery or on line?

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