seattle tilth visit

while in seattle i had the chance to visit the demonstration gardens for seattle tilth.  seattle tilth seems to be one of the best resources for gardening info in the city, and their demonstration garden provides a great hands on place to learn gardening techniques.

applehosthese apples are covered in little apple sized stockings.  i’ve read about this method before but have never seen it done.  the idea is that the stockings keep insects from laying eggs on the apples or feeding on the apples, allowing you to have damage free fruit with no pesticides.  clearly it’s a lot of labor, but if you only have one of two trees, it might be a good solution.   articokeartichokes where all over the place in  the gardens of seattle, and it made me want to grow them so bad!  i’ve tried to grow them in the past with no luck.  they are wonderful looking plants, and the thoughts of fresh home grown artichokes had me salivating.  i heard from the folks at lafayette greens that they had success growing artichokes this season, so i may give it another try.  passivesolargreenhousethe passive solar greenhouse.  ppatchin the back of the site is one of seattle’s many p-patches, the city’s very popular community garden program, this one is full of little allotments clearly tended with love. youthgardencloser to the building is a youth garden full of vertical elements, flags, flowers and lots of textures.

you should go if you live in seattle, or if you make a visit.


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