yoga for gardeners

the thursday afternoon yoga class i’ve been taking for several years is taking an extended summer break.  rather than getting out of my thursday routine, i’m taking my teacher up on his recommendation and hosting a yoga class for gardeners.

i’m a little reluctant to call it a class, as i’m not a certified teacher or anything like that – and don’t claim to be an expert.  as a result these sessions will be free, however if you wish to give a token of appreciation in the form of cash or other offerings i certainly won’t refuse.

sessions will be held on thursdays from 4:15 to 5pm at earthworks urban farm 1264 meldrum, detroit.  we will be outside in the community orchard if it is nice, in the greenhouse if it is rainy.   bring a yoga mat or a towel to stand on if you want, but you can make due without, make sure to bring water.  sessions will be based on eischens yoga, a method that most closely resembles iyengar yoga, but without as many props.

the sessions will focus on practices i think most helpful to making a gardener safer, and stronger.  special attention will be given to awareness of the body, balance, and core and leg strength.

sessions will take place June 20th & 27th, and July 11th & 18th – and then we can decide if we want to keep going.  i’d like to have an idea of how many folks will be attending, so please let me know if you plan to by email dirtysabot (at) gmail (dot) com



One response to “yoga for gardeners

  1. Yes! Stretching! So important!

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