bk farmyards

when touring east new york farms our host recommended we visit a project of bk farmyards that was in crown heights.  i was game, while i don’t really know anything about the neighborhood of crown heights, i’m a fan of the band the crown heights affair, so seeing a urban farm in crown heights sounded great to me.

i don’t have a huge amount of commentary as we didn’t get to talk to anyone at the farm.  we just hopped the fence and gave ourselves a tour.  i’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

bkfarms1bkfarms2bkfarms3bkfarms4bkfarms5bkfarms6since i can’t really add that much content – i recommend checking out bk farmyards website.

strangely the week after this vist i noticed that we had a magnet at work for bk farmyards on our dry erase board.  i think someone from the organization must have visited years ago, but i’d forgotten about it.  glad i had a chance to see just a little of what they are up to.  next time i’ll see if i can meet up with some of the folks behind all the work.


3 responses to “bk farmyards

  1. wow our farm looks like a mess! Please come back and visit again, now that the season is in full swing and it looks pretty again!

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