yard discoveries pt. 3

more fun exploring the yard.

as the season progresses more flowers bloom making id a little easier.

lupinlupins are my father’s favorite flower – they always make me think of him.  lupins also always make me think of this monty python sketch.  like many of their sketches, it starts off strong and them seems to go on a little to long.

i love lupins for their lovely flowers, but i also appreciate that they are nitrogen fixing legumes.  we need more legumes in our gardens.

rosesrose2we have several large rose bushes.  i’m not much of a fan of roses, but the bees have been collecting lots of pollen from the old fashion roses, and they do create a lovely scent.   maybe i’ll make some rose water, or rose petal infused mead.

henandchicksS loves hen and chicks, so i was pretty delighted to find these popping up in a flower bed as i cleaned it out.  chivesthe previous owners must have been huge chive fans, because we have massive amount of chives.  S has been doing her best to try and make use of the chives in every way possible, and any dish that might taste good with chives has had it added to it, but there is still too much.  her favorite treatment is to pack the chives in jars with white wine vinegar and chive flowers.  chivevinegarit makes for the most lovely pink hued vinegar, as well as a tasty addition to salad dressing.  the chive flowers soak for a couple of weeks, and then get added to the compost pile.


One response to “yard discoveries pt. 3

  1. The chive vinegar using flowers not just stems is a lovely idea that I am sure to try. You probably are already aware (but in case you are not) the previous owners did not have to be chive fans for the garden to be choked with chives. Those little monsters reproduce themselves faster than bunnies do. You may want to find “friends” who’ll take clumps (they may soon walk away quickly when they see you coming with the “want some chive bulbs?” look on your face) or consign some clumps to the worm barrel (they’ll grow in your compost pile unless it is a very hot pile — don’t ask me how I know this).

    Cheers! And thanks for the great kitchen ideas!

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