bee’s new home

a house is not a home until you install yr first hive right?  i’m happy to report we installed two new packages at the new house a couple weeks ago – we lost our last hive over the winter.  in anticipation of the install S painted the hive bodies to look so pretty.  
this color is light celery, a little classier than basic white – not that we would really bother to purchase paint just for our bees, but this lovely tint is left over from the previous owners.  packageswe picked up packages for work and several friends.  here are packages siting on the back porch.  they were all installed within a day!  here is video for those wanting to see the activity in the packages.

the lady did a great job of installing the packages – i did very little, mostly just dodging flying bees and trying to snap some good pics, i was especially happy with this shot of her dumping the bees in with plenty of bees flying around. beedumpthe next morning i went out to take a look.  everyone was calm and seemed to be happily enjoying their new home.  hivesinplacea few days later we installed the bee pool – a bunch of corks floating in a bus tub for them to drink out of.  they found it within a couple of minutes.  clearly they are happy to have a place to drink from.  beepooli’ve been walking out into the yard most morning and checking on how they are doing.  i’ve not enjoyed having hives like this since the first package we installed at our old house many years ago.  it really is something lovely to watch the bees go in an out of the hive, pulling pollen, collecting nectar, somehow it really gives perspective.  all my troubles and worries seem so contrived when i watch them.

for more on package installs, here is a video i made the last time we did an install.


2 responses to “bee’s new home

  1. Bees on my lot are the next project I have in mind… but my Other Half has been reticent. This was a lovely and encouraging post. Maybe this time next year I can post something similar. Hooray for you!!!

  2. i don’t know yr other half – but i wasn’t really the bee person in my house hold it was all S’s thing. once we got them though i feel in love. perhaps yr other half will as well.

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