yard discoveries

i have high hopes of discovering all kinds of fun things in the yard.  certainly high on my list would to have a ton of spring bulbs, but alias the previous owners dont’t seem to have planted many.  but still there are a few things that bring me delight, and as i discover more, i’ll be sure to post more.

while not too many spring bulbs, there is this little ring of crocuses around one of the trees. crocusout front i’m happy to see these forsythia blooming as well.  they look  like they need a solid pruning, and there is some yet to be identified  tree growing in the middle of them.  fosithiafinal discovery is this apricot tree blooming.apricoti’m really not sure how well this apricot is going to bear fruit.  it has two trunks coming up from what looks to me like below the graft union, and what i think was the top stock seems to have died.  i’m going let it grow for a year or two and see what it does before i decide if i need to graft new top stock.

as the spring progresses i’m looking forward to what i find in the yard, and sharing with you.


7 responses to “yard discoveries

  1. barbaramudge

    If you get bored, feel free to come see mine. The previous owner was a master gardener and we get new stuff every year. I feel like I’m ruining his work most of the time with my inexperience. For example, he trained the weeping birch to look like a giraffe! I have no clue how to keep it going. I so wish I could have seen our yard at it’s glory, before he got too sick to take care of it I strive every year to get it back to what it once was.

    • Weeping giraffe! That sounds cool – is this in Detroit?

      • barbaramudge

        North of a bit. Little town called Clawson. This yard makes me feel woefully inadequate, but I keep on keeping on. I hate the idea that I’m messing up all the previous owners hard work. We are only the second family to ever live in this house. Mr. Theisen was an amazing master gardener.

      • I know clawson – that’s where I go for sushi!

      • barbaramudge

        Nobel Fish I assume? Very close by 🙂

      • you got it.

  2. I am thrilled to have found this blog! I’m looking forward to following another sub/urban homesteader. I’ve already learned a great deal about inexpensive ways to collect gray water from you… I’ve not yet been able to afford to install something more formal for the outside of the house. Because I’m interested in issues of food independence and food justice (in the East St. Louis and St. Louis urban communities) I am sure to be able to make good use of what I learn here. Cheers!

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