tree sale 4/21

thanks to all those that contacted me about hazelnut and chestnut trees.  i’m really looking forward to sharing them with you.  the plan was to have them dug up and ready for you this past weekend, but it was so windy, i was worried it would be too hard on their sensitive root stocks.

not really a problem, as the rainy weather that is called for will help make digging easier, as well as making it easier on the plants roots.

for those that are wanting to pick up trees – here’s the deal, i’m gonna be at detroit farm and garden from 11-1pm.  for those that have already ordered trees, they will be potted up and ready to go.  for those that haven’t ordered trees, you can go ahead a contact me (dirtysabot (at) gmail (dot) com )to reserve trees, or i will have a small number of extra’s potted up and ready to go.

detroit farm and garden is located at 1759 21st street (but you enter on 22nd st) in detroit.  there is going to be a class from 1-3 on organic landscaping at the store, so you might want to stick around for.


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