amazing rare opportunity – buy our truck

do you remember the joy we had when we got our truck monday?  me too.  the joy hasn’t worn off, and i still love driving the old girl, but the deal is that we need to tighten up the old belt, and expenses need to be reduced.

so monday is on the table – and you have the rare opportunity to buy our truck.  it is in fact the only truck we have ever owned.  and if we never buy another truck you end up owning the only truck we have ever owned.  even if we do buy another truck, no one can ever take away the title of owning our first truck.

the details – monday is a green 1986 ford f-150 xlt lariat 4×4 pickup truck.  odometer doesn’t work, so who know how many miles are on her – but the engine is newer – only has about 35,000 miles on it, and runs great.

since getting her, we have replaced the gas tank, full pump, exhaust system, and heater core, plus plenty of odds and ends.

she needs a little work – the wipers have a mind of their own – and don’t always function, she has plenty of rust, and stinks a bit when you turn on the heat.  my mechanic can’t figure out what’s going on with the stink, but assures me that it won’t kill me.

she drives like a tank, and everyone gets out of yr way when they see you coming, a nice thing when driving in detroit.  she has a ton of room in the bed for hauling all kinds of crap, and a bench seat for yr dog and couple close friends to ride with you.

considering the price we paid, and the work we put into it, i think 1400 dollars is a fair price – but you will have to decide for yourself.  i’ll throw in the club for free!

truck1truck2truck3 if you are interested – shot me an email and we can set something up – dirtysabot at gmail dot com.  act fast – you don’t want to miss this chance.


2 responses to “amazing rare opportunity – buy our truck

  1. Seriously? This has to be a joke.

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