moving on: the end of the little house

the dirty little secret of the little house – is that it’s not really all that little, it’s not even a house, it’s a lower story flat.  but all that is history.

we are moving on – actually have moved on.  we purchased a house, and that’s certainly part of the reason for a lot less posts as of late.  the process of purchasing a home is stressful, time consuming, and a lot of work, but that’s nothing compared to moving six years worth of accumulated crap.  you can obtain a lot of crap in six years of being in a place.  last night we grabbed the last few things, took a last look around the house and turned the keys in.

it was bittersweet.  i’m excited about the new house, but there are a lot of memories and experiences in that old house.  i’ll miss all the sun, the bank of south facing windows helped keep the whole place so very cheery even in winter days.  i’ll miss all the great neighbors.  i’ll miss being so close to my community garden.  i’ll miss all the urban ag projects going on in the neighborhood.  i’ll miss our upstairs neighbor bill and his little dog scout.

i won’t miss all the traffic, i won’t miss all the tourists stopping to take photos of spaulding court, i won’t miss the ugly lights from the casino in the back yard.

the new house is nice – it’s got some improvements to do, but it’s certainly not the gut job that so many of my friends have purchased.  it’s totally livable and comfortable and i’m already settled in.  it’s got a lot and half of extra land, so a good amount of space for us to grow on, and lot of open land around it for me to scheme about using.  i’m looking forward to spring and the snow receding and seeing what is growing in the yard.  i’m looking forward to planting perennials that i’ve never felt i could plant since i wasn’t sure how long i would be living in the rental.

so expect new posts soon – and new backgrounds in the new house.  but it’s gonna be some time, as i have work to do around the house to get us more settled in.  and expect that you will have to deal with home improvement posts – for better or worse.



7 responses to “moving on: the end of the little house

  1. Enjoy your new house! And please come back soon on your blog;)

  2. Well congrats on the new house. i am guessing you are still in the city area? seems that the City of detroit is much more accepting of urban farming then the sub’s are. i live in Auburn hills and you need to have three acres just to have Chickens. Best of luck. keep the post coming.

    • well even in the city you can’t have chickens, but then the city has bigger concerns than chickens for the most part. and yes we are still in the city.

  3. Congrats on your new home! As a homeowner who’d like to turn my blank-slate yard into an perennial/edible landscaping paradise, I look forward to reading your next posts all about your new house and yard.

  4. Congrats! I am looking forward to stories about your new home. I really appreciated your description of your inner experience. It reminds me that ambivalence is a normal part of life and its OK to make decisions and move on anyway~

  5. believe me, we are feeling your pain on the decluttering of a home and setting up a new one…we bought 10 overrun, unmaintained acres with a building that we are converting into a home….very slowly….by ourselves….so looking forward to all your home projects, new garden projects, all of that! congrats and best of everything in the new home! the title of this post worried me you were closing the blog down….i have just a few very fav blogs and this is one of them.

  6. Best of luck through this transition. Looking forward to your return!

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