winter entertainment

it’s some long dark days – most night’s i’m riding home in the dark, thankful for my  light on my bike.  it’s also the time i start to think about finding some mindless entertainment to keep the winter blues at bay and to keep me going till spring.

couple ideas that you might enjoy to, both randomly from the uk.

the good life:  from the 1970’s, the plot centers on tom good who decides to quite his drafting job at age 40 and begin homesteading on his suburban home, his wife is a good sport and goes along.  they till up the yard, raise live stock, make homemade wine, can everything, and try to barter for everything.  add some quarrels with the disapproving neighbors and you have a classic bbc sitcom.

hugh fearnley-whitingstall’s books are know in the states, mostly for his book “meat” being awarded a james beard award.  his books are very good, and his river cottage everyday has gotten quite a workout in our household.  i enjoy his earlier television shows as well, starting with his series “a cook on the wild side” where he travels the country side of trying to catch or bater for all his food.

later he moves to the “river cottage” where he tries his hand at farming as a small landholder.  i like the first three season of the show – as it goes on the production gets a little slick, but even at it’s worst, it’s better television viewing that most of what you see these days.  hugh doesn’t take himself too seriously and half the fun is watching him make an ass of himself.

neither of these shows is readily available in the states, but a with a little hard work you can find them, and they certainly have helped me though some hard winters.


4 responses to “winter entertainment

  1. I’m a self-admitted River Cottage geek…

  2. i had heard of “The Good Life” before but had forgotten all about it! thank you for the nudge and the preview! i am going to love it!
    have you watched the new PBS series “The Mind of a Chef” with David Chang? i suppose it isnt all homestead goodness but there is an episode about fermentation and one episode with Chef Rene Redzepi (Noma). I find it excellent winter watching!

    • i did get around to watching the mind of a chef – which i enjoyed – i saw the first episode, and now i can’t find any others streaming on line.

  3. I’d never heard of River Cottage/Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall until you posted this in January – and we are now on Season 4 of the River Cottage series! It’s been a total lifesaver to get us through the dark winter nights. Immense thanks for sharing this wonderful, informative, and humorous television series, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

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