highlights from the harvest dinner

at work we have a big dinner thing we do each year – a harvest dinner that brings a bunch of folks together to celebrate and eat.  you should go next year.

if you missed it, it was a great time – a slightly more relaxed tone, and a little less crowded this year, but great all the same.

fortunately for y’all we recorded much of it for you to witness.

food was wonderful, hearty, seasonal, and special, but not fancy.  i think everyone really enjoyed it.

i had the honor of introducing my friend and hero professor monica white – to help set the tone of the evening i was asked to provide a few of my thoughts on land – the topic of this years harvest dinner.  rather than doing the usual speech i decided to share some thoughts over a sound collage type thing – you can listen to it here.  s may have given me the greatest compliment of my life – not know that i had written it – she asked if it was a wendell berry piece.  i don’t think its so much that the quality of the piece was anywhere near the caliber of mr. berry so much as any time i need to read something poetic and poignant i turn to him.  still i take my compliments where i can get them.

monica gave an amazing speech, talking about her personal relationship with land, her father, food, and how we can build the food movement in detroit.  when it gets posted i’ll share a link.  i’m looking forward to being able to listen to it again.

our friends from 5e/heru/detroit future youth gave performances with lou from the detroit asian youth project, the amazing will see preformed his piece “organic activits”- check out a video of it here.   finally bryce and king kold finished out the evening.  within minutes all the youth stormed the stage and a impromptu dance party started.

and that my friends is what it’s all about.


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