media wrap up august 2012

i’ve been posting lots of media links and photos on the twitter thing – so to stay up to date you might want to follow on twitter – or at the very least look at the twitter feed from time to time.  for those against twitter this is a listing of some articles or info that you might want to check out that have happened in the last while.

al jeezera english program earthrise with a special on detroit urban ag

adrienne maree brown’s  article on detroit food justice asking if “can whole foods coexist with the homegrown food movement

detroit urban farm food field gets grant to develop solar power.

a proposal to turn part of belle isle into a winery.

to anyone that subscribes to urban farming magazine (i don’t) s and i are in the most recent issue – with a huge photo of us.  i thought it was cause they ran out of copy – s thinks its cause we are such a handsome couple.

this article question the term food desert being used in detroit.

an awesome article on detroit bike clubs.

one of the many articles about hantz farms. here is another, and another and another.

shea howell responds to letter from hantz farms.

the youth from 5E have been visiting work.

another documentary about detroit this one called detropia

myself and other folks from work on german radio.

detroit black community food security network member malik yakini given  james beard foundation leadership award.

Hamtown farms in Hamtramck has been busy getting started this summer.

documentary made by paper tiger tv about detroit.

michigan state university proposes urban ag project in the city. another article here and here.

recovery park has ambitious plans for fish farms in detroit’s eastern market.

community models vs. corporate models – a tale of 2 detroit farms.

not about detroit, but rebecca solnit as always writes an amazing article about urban ag.

video that the youth at work made about soil and social change.

i’m included in this article in the wall street journal about urban scything.

also in this article on breaking though concrete to start gardens.

detroit public school agriscience program at go lightly

other media you have seen that you have enjoyed?



One response to “media wrap up august 2012

  1. Great review/ wrap-up Patrick. Thanks Ah, urban sything. What fun…

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