how to plant sweet potatoes

its hot! which means its time to get the sweet potatoes planted.  below is a quick video of how to plant sweet potatoes, i created.

a few more tips and thoughts.

if you didn’t save sweet potatoes from the last year, you can use organic sweet potatoes from the market to grow from.

bulb crates are what flower bulbs are shipped in, you can often get them from nurseries, they work really well, but you can also grow sweet potatoes in a pot.  you don’t need to add anything to soilless mix – and you don’t need to add any fertility while the sweet potatoes to grow.  you can also use coir (coconut fiber) as a growing medium, it works well too.

the proper term for sweet potato transplants are slips.  you will sound a lot more informed and cooler if you call them slips.  i’ve heard they are called slips cause they slip off the sweet potatoes.  once you have harvested all the slips you can cover them again with more soiless mix, water, and they will often sprout up another batch of slips.

sweet potatoes are ready to harvest in about 100 days – though a little sooner if grown in the hoop house were they grow very fast in the heat.

sweet potatoes need almost no fertility, i generally don’t add any compost or fertilizers.


2 responses to “how to plant sweet potatoes

  1. I did the old kid’s trick of sticking one end of a sweet potato in water back in January and ended up with loads of slips that I stuck in a large bin in the greenhouse- now I have a mess of vines that are sprawling everywhere. I have no clue when to harvest them tho- they’ve been in the bin since mid April so they must be closing in on 100 days soon. Any indicators to know when they are ready to harvest? How long can I leave them?

    • i usually find that the vines will have put on plenty of flowers and are starting to look pretty tired. also i test dig – dig one up and see how it looks.

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