finally! food justice short

you might have noticed i’m writing more again after having a pretty big drought.  the reason i’ve not been writing has largely to do with the fact that i’ve been a part of this detroit future media training.  i officially graduated on saturday and am relieved to have some of my time back.  its been pretty intensive, four and a half hours of class a week, plus homework.  i’ve put in hours and hours of filming and editing.  the whole process has been pretty amazing.  it’s been a long time since i’ve been so sucked into something as much as editing.  i’d find myself to become completely unaware of time, and not realize that i had been editing for four hours straight without taking a break.  for as much work as went into it, the final product doesn’t seem too impressive.  it clocks in at just over two minutes.

but part of the reason why it took so long is cause i had such a steep learning curve.   i knew almost nothing about making video or using video editing software.  i’ve learned a lot, mostly how much more i need to learn.  here is the finished piece.  let me know what you think.  let me know what needs improvement, what works.  i really appreciate the feedback. oh and do me a favor, watch is on the full screen, not the little imbedded window you see below.  all you have to do to make it full screen is hit the four little arrow symbol on  bottom of the movie between where it says vimeo and hd.

the next step is to start showing the short to groups of folks and getting reaction from them about what the concept of food justice means to them, and if folks are willing film them t0o, so the whole thing gets richer and richer as we go. if you know of groups to share it with, please share that.

i want to continue making videos, but don’t have the software i need – a copy of adobe premiere – if anyone wants to donate a copy for mac computers, i’d be oh so grateful, otherwise expect some sort of a fundraiser in the next few months.  any ideas for a fundraiser would be welcome t0o.


3 responses to “finally! food justice short

  1. Nice work Patrick. Since you asked for suggestions, I have a small one. If you feel like editing some more – if you have approval from them, maybe you could identify the people you’re interviewing and the name of their farm/garden?

  2. Good work Patrick. And good luck with your future projects. Just one question before you get Adobe for Mac. – have you thought about Final Cut Pro?

    • i thought about final cut pro as well, but learned on adobe – so i’d have to teach myself another program. i’d be happy with final cut as well though.

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