ashevllie highlights

it’s not cause there hasn’t been anything to write about that i haven’t posted on here, its cause i been so busy.  recent busyness has been going to a north carolina for a gathering put on the w.k. kellogg foundation – and exploring some projects around asheville.  the foundation was kind enough to put me up in this fancy hotel, one that i could never afford to stay at otherwise.  i should have taken some additional photos, such as the fire-place that was big enough to have a family reunion in.  detroit was well represented with a panel discussion with many  of our detroit leaders; jess daniel from food lab, dan carmody from eastern market corporation, ashely atkinson from the greening of detroit, dewayne wells from gleaners community food bank, betti wiggins from detroit public schools food service, meredith freeman from fair food network, and malik yakini from detroit black community food security network.  i made a video of this which i’ll post soon, but i’m having to find a place that will let me host an hour-long video.  anyone have any ideas for free video hosting, please let me know.

the gathering was good – the food was good, the presentation i made while not very well attended went well, i had some amazing conversations, caught up with old friends and made new ones.  the most exciting part of the gathering was easily wednesday evenings entertainment with the carolina chocolate drops.  i was able to get a great seat up front, as i don’t think a lot of people there were familiar with them.

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if folks didn’t know them at first they took a shine to them pretty quick, and before long the dance floor was filled.

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after the gathering i had a chance to expolore asheville for a day, easily one of the crunchiest place i’ve been, full of bummer stickers for local food and peace, biodiesel for sale at the service station, and plenty of white folks with dreads.  one of the at least a dozen farmers markets in asheville.
the garden behind sunny point restaurant, where cooks gather ingredients.only bad meal i had in north carolina was from this food truck.  lesson learned, don’t purchase food from a place that has both crepes and tamales.

done with asheville i headed for the mountains and boone, but not without checking out the farm as warren wilson college.  all students at the college have to work on campus as part of their education, and the farm is one of the sites they can work at.  between the garden and the farm they produce 25% of food for the school.  it’s not all veggies, they have plenty of animals, including these adorable pit bull lookin piggies.  i have some video of the farm too, that i’ll try to post soon.



4 responses to “ashevllie highlights

  1. you can host an hour long video on dropbox, in your public folder, and then “get a public link” to the file and link to it and it will automatically include a player.

  2. drop box only had 2gb per month for free. any other ideas?

    • google drive has 5gb free, but i don’t know what happens when you link to a shared video file hosted there.
      what file type and size is your video file? considering load time and practical need for viewing, your video probably shouldn’t be larger than 2gb; you may need to reformat it before posting. i’m hosting a video over an hour in my public dropbox that’s about 1.3gb.

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