return to the hive: queen check

my film making class at detroit future media has been going pretty well.  i’ve been working on some rough cuts for a short film on food justice in class, mostly using adobe premiere, a video editing program which has a lot of features and allows for a whole lot of possibilities.  it also cost a lot of money, so i don’t have the luxury of using it at home (though if anyone wants to purchase a copy for me, please feel free to).  i’ve also been taking what i’m learning and applying them to using imovie, which while extremely limited by comparison, can also do a whole lot too.  imovie also is pretty easily available, and one of the main reasons i wanted to take this class was so i could teach others and they could use it to make their own movies to tell their stories.  perhaps more exciting to me than making these little films, is what others will do with them.

i’ve been working on these how-to films, posted this one before on installing bee packages.  this is the follow-up of checking to make sure the queen has been released, from the queen cage.  let me know what you think, and other topics that would be good for films, or if you just think these films are annoying and i should knock it off.

queencheck from dirtysabot on Vimeo.

sound track features a beat from some dilla mixtapes i’ve been listening to, the beats make great soundtrack material.  if anyone has a source for more dilla mixtapes, please do share.


3 responses to “return to the hive: queen check

  1. You can pretty easily bootleg the whole adobe suite, if you’re comfortable with that. It certainly makes it a lot more affordable.

  2. Queen check? Did you mean mic check?
    This was the response I got when I shared this video:
    “Motor City Bees know how to drop a nice beat when the keeper comes a’knockin’…”

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