lovely lovage syrup

if you have not already met before, meet lovage.

kind of looks like celery, kind of tastes like celery, but different, it tastes like lovage – and stronger.   folks in america don’t seem to hip to lovage, but that’s too bad, cause it’s a great perennial herb that is available this time of year when you are begging for some fresh flavor.

what to do with lovage? the leaves a good in soups to add flavor, goes well with peas, creamy soups, and potatoes.  recipes where you use celery or parsley would be good possibilities for substituting with lovage, just know that its flavor is stronger, so you will need less.

i was thinking what a nice syrup it would make to get added to sparkling water or used to cook fruit desserts in, and so that’s just what i did.

1. chop up the lovage

i used about a cup of coarsely chopped leaves.

2. heat up the water and honey

you could use sugar, but we have a so much honey from our hives so of course i’m going to use it.  i’m guessing about a cup of honey in a quart of water, more if you want it sweeter, less if you don’t.  i also added some pepper corns, cause it just seemed like it would be right with the lovage.

bring the heat up until it begins to boil, and then take it off the heat.

3.  add chopped lovage.cover the pot and let it sit for 3 hours.

4. strainstrain and then put into a glass jar and chill in the fridge.  it should last for months in the fridge, but tastes best the fresher you use it.

5. enjoyadd a little to a glass then pour sparkling water over top.  makes a lovely spring soda, or you could add it to fancy cocktails and impress your friends, or simmer firm fruits such as apples and pear and then serve them over ice cream.

what other uses do you have for lovage?  some great ideas from huge fernley-whittingstall. 


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