photos from around the farm april 2012

april already?  this year has been flying by.

asparagus is up about a month early this year, but now that the temperatures have returned to normal, it is really grown slowly and some crowns have still not put any spears up.  usually once its up i’m harvesting something like 10 to 15 pounds a day.  this year i’m harvesting like 3 pounds every other day.  strange year.

the greenhouse packed pretty tightly.the hoop house fully planted.  we have been harvesting about 75 pounds of greens a week out of it.  tomatoes and peppers get planted this week.  currant flowersgooseberry flowerserviceberry flowersthe garlic on the left and overwintered onions and leeks on the right.  uncovered for weeding.  the sifters set up and ready for action.  we have had a number of alternative spring break groups come through, and they have been really excited about sifting compost, which means we have been able to get a pretty good amount of compost sifted.  we even have a little in reserve for a change.planting collards and kale.what’s happening with yr garden or farm?


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