chestnuts and hazels for sale

remember the hazels and chestnuts started from seed a couple of years ago?

well they are coming out of the buckets they were started in, and if anyone wants to purchase hazelnuts of chestnut let me know asap, as they are getting dug up and transplanted into a new bed for them to grow larger size in.    ideally i’d like to know by the end of the week, as transplanting these is one of the weekend projects

these are carefully selected crosses from mark shepard’s new forest farm, and of very high quality.  hazelnuts are 5 dollars a piece, and chestnuts are 8, they will be more expensive next year when they are larger, but they are pretty small right now, so make sure to plan on planting them in a location where you can keep yr eye on them and give them plenty of tlc.   i’m not looking at doing any mail order – in fact i want to keep them in detroit if at all possible,  i might do a delivery if i wanted to come visit you anyway, check out yr project, or i’m going that way, but you picking them up might be easiest.  shoot me an email to work out the details dirtysabot (at) gmail dot com


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