lemon fest 2012

after our adventure to the produce terminal we had a lot of lemons to deal with.  about 18 pounds.  my plan from the start had been to make pickled lemons, but ma had more ambitious plans. we ended up making indian style lemon pickles, marmalade, and lemon curd in addition to the usual lemon pickles.

surprisingly it didn’t really take that long.  divided among the two of us we were able to process everything in a couple of hours on a sunday morning.

cutting lemon was the most work, and what i spent most of my time, i can’t be trusted to work a stove.marmalade took the longest as the lemon slices needed to soak overnight with their seeds removed and tied up in a little bag.  what do the seeds do?  you got me it’s just what the recipe called to do.  sounds like magic to me.  the seed bag was removed sugar added and it was cooked up on the stove.once it’s gelling we hot packed them into jars. 

next on the unfermented jarred products is lemon curd.

sugar and egg yolks are whisked together than added to butter and lemon zest.  it gets heated until its hot and thickened a bit over a double boiler.  any surprise that this stuff tastes good with all the sugar, butter and egg yolks?then it goes through a strainer to keep the lemon zest out.and then into the jars.  we didn’t bother processing this or anything like that, just straight into the fridge where it should keep for a couple of months – though i don’t think it will last that long – we all ready went though a half pint.   a table-spoon stirred into home-made yogurt in the morning is an amazing way to start the day.next on the list indian style lemon pickles similar to the ever popular green mango pickle  but with lemons.  about 20 lemons, cut into eight pieces each, covered in plenty of salt and packed in jars.  they get shaken at least once a day, for 10 days and then all the lovely spices get added; hot pepper, fenugreek, mustard, asafetida, and of course the mustard oil.  with all the lemons left i made a huge batch of my own take on north african style pickled lemons.unlike other batches i left these whole, just cutting slices down them about 3/4s of the way.  considering the weather, these are likely to ferment pretty quickly, which is just as well, its been a long time without any pickled lemons.


One response to “lemon fest 2012

  1. The lemon pips are high in pectin and help make your marmalade set well. I like the look of that indian style pickle! I’ve been leading hot water bath canning workshops with a group of women from South East Asia and I’ve asked them to teach me how to make sun pickles with mustard oil!

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