produce terminal film

had a chance to edit out some footage from the recent trip to the produce terminal – as you can see i’m a little obsessed with the high-low

i’m itching to get back with a tripod to film more.


4 responses to “produce terminal film

  1. My father used to run Fishman Produce out of the terminal and as a child I had many rides on top of boxes of oranges stacked on the hi-lo (in the old days people weren’t quite so OSHA conscious I guess). I also remember being terrified of getting locked in the huge walk-in coolers. Some really interesting characters owned and worked for the small businesses in the terminal (maybe they stlil do). A unique place full of wonderful memories. Thanks for helping me recall them Patrick. Jodee

  2. I did not watch the link yet but I love the title. I think I know where it’s going; the produce is terminal.

  3. oh I have a tripod I’d be happy to lend

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