adventure detroit produce terminal

i’ve wanted to go to the detroit produce terminal since i found out of its existence.  california wine grape is just across the street from the terminal, and where we purchase our supplies for mead making from, so i’ve been looking at it for years, but knew that the major action was early in the am, before i even think of getting up.

this morning though; ma, a friend from work, and our pickling friend went on an adventure to look for organic lemons (to make pickled lemons with) and  ginger (for the friend from work’s organic tea business) at the produce terminal.  3:30 in the morning comes much too early, but I was excited about the chance to go to the terminal.

the terminal is a massive warehouse where produce comes in and is distributed.  much of what we eat in south east michigan comes though the terminal. high-lows zip around at breakneck speed, with minimal clearance.  you gotta watch where you are going.  the place is active, but surprisingly not nearly the hive of activity i had expected.  i’ll be back to take more photos, now that i know 3:30 is possible.


7 responses to “adventure detroit produce terminal

  1. Wow! That’s very impressive…that you got there at 3:30 I mean. Oh and the photos are nice, too. Thanks for sharing!

    • how witty of you smart-ass. glad you like the photos. 3:30 actually felt pretty good, only because i don’t make a habit of it.

      • Oooh sounds like someone needs a nap!
        But seriously, when are you gonna visit me at the Green Garage?
        I’d love to meet my favorite blogger. We host a brown bag lunch every Friday at noon, could you make one of those? Lots of great community minded sustainable folks. If you give me a heads up I’ll even get your lunch for you. PBJ OK?

      • how right you are, i’m feeling better now. right now i have a standing meeting every friday though april that ends at about 12, but then its about a 30 minute ride over to the corridor from there, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense, i’d miss most of it. perhaps after those meetings are no longer going – but i’m not sure when that is. we shall see.

      • OK well our Friday lunches last till about 1:30, so if you got out a little early one Friday you might be able to sneak us a visit. Or you could come over some other time just let me know.

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  3. try 330am on a monday or friday

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