photos from the first week of march 2012

welcome new readers!  we have had several new subscribers.  hope you will make some comments – it adds to the fun.

we made it to march.  as mild a winter as its been, it’s still be a long one.  i’m still ready for spring, and march helps me to feel like it just might come.  maybe.  so lets proceed with this months batch of random photos.

do you ever get sick of these shots of the inside of the hoop house?  i don’t.  lots of little spouts coming up.

freshly transplanted kale in the hoop house.

a praying mantis egg case on one of the currant bushes.

a service berry bud swelling and about to open.

a pile of branches from the recent pruning of the currant bushes.

collard transplants in the greenhouse.

tomato transplants.


new prototype compost sifter.  more on it later.  maybe a short film of it in action.

overwintered leeks.

compost laid down on beds to be planted in peas in a few weeks.

looking down through all the piles of compost.

garlic sprouts popping through straw.

writing soundtrack = can – tago mago


10 responses to “photos from the first week of march 2012

  1. I admit to a serious case of envy that Detroit is a few weeks closer to spring than Toronto.

    • well i have a serious case of envy for toronto having good public transit, and plenty of other reasons. i want to come back and visit this summer again. any good times you recommend?

  2. Oh man…just wait until you see Tdot in the Summer! Pride Week? NXNE? Jazz Fest? Caribana? And I’m moving apartments so I’ll be right across from a subway stop! You will be wowed by the happy go lucky transit system and the civic commitment to drinking on patios. June, July or August -anytime.

  3. I have a serious case of hoop house envy. Your plants and compost look great.

    • if i didn’t have this hoop house at work, i’m pretty certain i would have a bad case of hoophouse envy as well.

  4. I love the sifter. The chains hanging the second tray is great. Detail like the angled 2x4s are really smart. I’m going to come over to see it in action and get its autograph.

  5. Great Pics! Keep em coming. I absolutely love this time of year, set aside harvest time of course. Hoop house starts and sprouts look very happy!

  6. Wow it all looks so great; Compost, Sprouts, greenhouse, the Sifter. And now I know that the thing I saw the other day is a praying mantis egg case…. I had no clue. Thanks for taking the time to document and share all of your wonderful work. Keep it UP!

  7. This definitely makes me miss Detroit! Season by season I am glad to see that you are keeping it up at Earthworks.

    • Maggie that interned @earthworks? i miss you. you should visit soon, i think you would love earthworks even more than when you were with you. yr spirit really helped me rethink our work and impacted how we do what we do.

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