winter harvest carrots and spinach

we harvest the last of the bulk of the winter harvest out of the hoop house this week.  we left a little chard, spinach and lettuce, but all the carrots have now been dug.they are a little smaller than we would like but, on account of getting them in too late, but they are about as sweet as any carrot i’ve had.  i couldn’t resist eating a handful of them raw while washing them up.  roasted with a little orange juice and cumin and they were wonderful.

now that the hoop house is almost fully cleaned up, and the weather is starting to break, we have started  harvesting out of the hoops in the field.we easily harvested eight pounds in about 15 minutes, there is so much under the hoops, and we barely made a dent.  it’s not nearly so big as last years spinach, but very healthy all the same.

it feels pretty good to be able to harvest 50 pounds of carrots, plus plenty of greens on the last day of february.


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