detroit farm and garden

i’m super excited about the opening of detroit farm and garden.  i’ve been talking with my friend jeff, who is the mastermind behind it, for a couple of years about the opening of this space.  today i was able to visit it for the first time during the open house.  i was especially excited about the giant banner, as ma had a major hand in the logo design along with our friend nina.

what is detroit farm and garden?  well its pretty much what you would think, it’s a farm and garden store for detroit.  what will it stock?  that remains to be seen.  todays open house was part of deciding what would be carried.  there were stations though out the space where you could sign up for what you want to see carried.  looks like lots of great tools, cover crop seeds, soil amendments and plenty of compost.  this is just another reason why i love the idea behind the shop, not only is it serving an obvious need in the city, but it also has customers directly involved in deciding what they want carried.  i think it bodes very well for the space.  i also saw lots of awesome urban ag folks milling about, and enjoyed great snacks.

the build out is gonna take some work – right now its pretty much just an open layout where trucks are parked and materials are stored.  rumor has it they plan to open in the next month so it they have a lot of work to do.  best of all, it’s just a short bike ride away from home!  sorry for low quality photos – if you want to take good photos, i don’t care what anyone says – you should use a camera, not a phone.

soundtrack = dj rupture on wfmu


2 responses to “detroit farm and garden

  1. WOW! I am sooooo excited and can’t wait to see this wonderful place open!!! How do I get a tee shirt to support this endeavor? (I must have missed that somewhere…) And, is there more information yet about the DAY of the Grand Opening???? Hope so!!!!

    • i think they open the first week in april, and as i understand it, there is a volunteer day on Saturday that
      might have some tee-shirts for sale. not sure.

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