may the growing season begin!

we have been busy in the hoop house, harvesting lots greens and pulling up all the crops we planted in the fall to make way for spring plantings.  lettuce, spinach, arugula, spicy greens mix, beets, radishes, turnips, and mustard have all been planted in the last few weeks and are starting to sprout up.  it will be some time before these are ready to harvest – but we have spinach under low tunnels out in the field that will be ready about the time we clean out the hoop house.

please ignore how crooked the rows are, the farm is a learning facility, so we embrace mistakes.  some more than others.  under lights inside we are sprouting snap dragons.  super tiny and they need light to germinate.  the seeds look like dust.  even though they could be handled to prick out, i think i’m gonna try to wait a little while so these are easier to handle by non veteran pricker outers.   lots to prick out, over 110 flats for community gardens.  out in the greenhouse we have started picking out collards & kale into blocks.  these will go into the hoop house in a few weeks.  onions are sprouting up nicely.  these will be our early onions that will be ready for fresh eating in mid july.  we have also started the first of the tomato starts to go out into the hoop house.  may the growing season begin.

sound track:  celtic frost – morbid tales


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