plum street greenhouse

located on the corner of the 75 freeway service drive and grand river blvd, one of the busiest streets in detroit, and in the shadows of mgm casino, plum street greenhouse is one of the most urban setting for a market garden.

the market garden has yet to materialize, but folks are busy, what do you expect.  the greenhouse has been around for a couple of seasons, and despite having been around that long, this last weekend was the first time i have been inside.  i have to say i’m pretty impressed with the greenhouse.  it’s got a lot of bells and whistles;  full side vents, ridge vent, rolling benches and fans moving air around.  with all that control, it seems it would be an easy space to manage.  this is just one bay of the greenhouse used to grow transplants.  there is a whole other side.

the other side is unheated for season extension, though i’m sure it gains quite a bit from having some heat just on the other side of the curtain.  like most passive houses this time of year, this one is full of greens left over from last year, and ready to be planted with more crops – though it didn’t look like that had happened yet.  because the greenhouse was built on a gravel parking lot they had to construct an enormous raised bed about a foot deep and full of nice fluffy top soil.  much nicer than the clay heavy fill dirt i’m working with.  it seems like an awesome greenhouse to work in.


4 responses to “plum street greenhouse

  1. Hm. No thoughts on the former land use/historic neighborhood? Connection to a corporate casino? Role of the greenhouse in the GRP/training urban ag apprentices/growing more food for the local supply? Is this self-censorship, or did you not have time to get into these related topics that are central to the character of Plum St.?

    • feel free to share your thoughts. i’d certainly like to hear them. i feel as though i have shared mine with tgod staff via the letter that was sent last year – though no one has ever responded. still this doesn’t really feel like the space for addressing those concerns. at least not right now.

  2. In town today through the weekend, with Design Inquiry, interested in touring Plum Street and having a conversation. Sorry, asking last minute. Let me know if that’s a possibility?

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