photos from the first week of february

i’ve been crazy busy.  grants, work, class, board meetings, and strategic planning are kicking my butt.  Not much end in sight until march when hopefully things will chill out.

quick housekeeping

1. i was hoping that my last post of food justice would generate some discussion on people’s thoughts in regard to what food justice means to them.  it’s not too late to start the conversation.

2. for those that are not into the twitter thing – i’ve added a twitter feed to the side of the main page.  lots of the links to media that i used to post are now posted there – so you might want to keep and eye on that. or you can just sign up and follow on twitter.

ok now back to the post.  despite being so busy, i did have enough time to snap a few photos around the farm – if i had waited a day later to take them we would finally see a blanket of lovely white snow. in the hoop house we are still harvesting a little, but much of it has been ripped out and we are replanting.  still too cold to install irrigation, we are forced to water by hand. the first radish sprouts – only a week to sprout even in cold weatheronions under the hoopsspinach under the hoops – it’s ready to harvest, but part of my year round harvest strategy is to not harvest on this until we have pulled the last of the greens out of the hoop house.  it helps to fill that late winter early gapflipping and building compost piles in the warm weathertiny mushrooms in the compost.

writing soundtrack = slum village – fantastic vol. 2


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