setting goals.

i don’t really make resolutions or anything like that, but felt that this year i would like to set some goals that i could work toward and keep track of.  if anyone wants to provide me with assistance or know resources toward reaching them, please share.

  1. get better at mushroom id skills and go mushroom hunting more often.
  2. get back to making more mead
  3. diversify my fermenting ways. try new kim-chi’s and pickles
  4. catch a fish and eat it.
  5. get more skilled at utilizing a scythe
  6. grow corn, grind it and make corn bread
  7. make high quality well-edited videos
  8. get additional paid writing work
  9. plant a bunch of tree out for the stock i have been growing.
  10. set up a new website for this blog

what are yr goals for the year?


11 responses to “setting goals.

  1. Thanks for posting. I ike a few of yours too- especially the mushroom one. I may “borrow” a couple of these. I guess I should work on my own too…. they involve honey and eggs….

  2. i did the “grow corn, grind it and make cornbread” this past year. excellent results–at least with what remained after the raccoons got into the plot. 😦
    may i suggest that you consider “painted mountain flour corn”. don’t know your growing conditions, but here in the northwest (near portland, or), it germinated well in cool, wet (clay with lots of compost) soil and grew quickly. if you have good conditions, it may get much taller than the advertised 4 foot stalks. we topped 6 1/2 feet. the stalks are colorful as is the corn itself. only the surface of the kernels is colored, and may be shades of red, blue, purple and yellow–in solids, stripes, swirls and splotches. the ground corn is a bit colored by the surface skins, so it looks different than yellow corn meal. very tasty and fun to grow.

  3. both of these from your list are on my list too!
    the mushroom ID’ing (ill be very interested on any info that comes in on this one),
    and catching and eating a fish – we’ve got three ponds on our land with fish – but ive yet to be able to kill one…
    another sort of mushroomy item from my list for this year – attempt to make kombucha tea – ive done this in the past with a purchased scoby (years ago)…ive read one can get a bottle of the kombucha tea they sell and make a scoby from that – any thoughts/ideas?

    • you can certainly get a kombucha tea starter from a store bought bottle. the key so far as i can tell is to pour most of it off and only leave an inch or two left in the bottle. then wait a couple of weeks for the skin to form on the top of the bottle and ad it to your own new batch.

  4. my organic, painted mountain flour corn was developed in montana, and was purchased from, here in oregon. happy growing.

  5. Hi Patrick, could I suggest a short term goal, I’m still perplexed by this

    And would really like to read your thoughts and views

    Thank you


  6. Great goals Patrick! On my parallel list for 2012 is bake more bread, and blog more often! Good luck with your list …

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