photos from the first week in january

i’m bit late with the posting, but not with the photos – they were still taken all in the first week of january.  its been a strange january, sunny days, several days above 40, and no snow on the ground.  it’s made my mental attitude excellent, and bike riding much easier, but i’m still plagued by the idea that we are gonna get slammed with super cold and snowy weather soon.

on with the photos

bees out on a sunny daydrinking from the bottom of a bucketinside the hoop housespinach inside the hoop houseswiss chard inside the hoop housethe largest garden, no snow, hoops in the background, some kale still holding on. garlic sproutonions under the quick hoops


2 responses to “photos from the first week in january

  1. If I would have known we’d have such a mild winter here in Michigan; I would have planted a small winter garden!

    • you and me both – but we have still be harvesting plenty of kale from outside, and tons of crops from out of the hoop house. and everything under the quick hoops is doing really well.

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