east coast winter 2011

winter break we headed back to the east coast, some photos from the trip

the beach at rehobothoyster mushrooms at prime hook in delawareoysters and beer at henelopen city oyster house  solstice mealmarsh view at pemberton historical park   where we went for a walk on christmas daythe beach at assateaguemarsh views at assateagueskunk cabbage at tuckahoe – skunk cabbage is an amazing plant – read more here.evolution brewing in delmar delaware – perhaps the most uninspired location for a brewery, but the beer is pretty good.jay’s farm in bivalve aka provident organic farm.  i volunteered for the morning.

a couple of videos from the salisbury zoo.  i usually hate zoos cause it makes me feel real sad to see the animals in cages, but some how this one doesn’t bother me.  maybe its cause i been going their since i was four years old.


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