i’ve been spending a lot of time with worms these last couple of months.  hunting for worms in the compost pile, checking on the progress of worm bins, feeding worms.  it has been a lot of fun.  strange to think that i still enjoy doing the same things i did when i was five.  it takes a long time to get bored  hunting for worms.  if anything i have to force myself to stop hunting worms, often losing track of time in the compost pile.  while hunting for worms i mention pop references about worms, and intern robbie seems at a loss of what i’m talking about.

mr. howard is the recipient of all my worm hunting.  he is starting a vermicomposting business and in need of worms.  i slowed him down for a bit to have him tell me about his worms, and i filmed it.  its my first attempt at editing and all, so please be easy on me – but if you have recommendation on editing please feel free to share them.

in news that will hopefully ensure that any future media quality is better, i’m happy to report that i have been accepted into a video workshop with detroit future media.  it starts in a couple of weeks, and i have several ideas in the hopper.


5 responses to “worms

  1. I have red worms. Do you want some?

  2. the funky worm! yesssssssss

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