tweeting, comments and social networking

hello folks – entering the 21st century, we now have a twitter account.  you can follow us @dirtysabot – don’t know how to twitter?  no problem it hasn’t stopped us yet.  why should you follow the twitter?  i’m not sure, but there are links to articles and other items that i don’t bother posting here.

also feeling like for as many as are reading this we not getting that many comments.

the whole point of this is for it to be interactive, if you have something to share – a thought, a link, an opinion, please, please do so.  comments and others thoughts are often more interesting than original posts!

also if you haven’t noticed some months ago we made it easy to share info on this blog with others – at the bottom of each post is a spot where you can email – post to facebook – tweet or use google+, so that the others can take part in conversation.

that’s all the shameless self promotion i can do on a friday.

i’m out.


4 responses to “tweeting, comments and social networking

  1. Don’t leave us for twitter cause I can’t tweet yet; still learning the basics of the puter.

    • I’m not going anywhere, just sharing mostly articles of interest via twitter. having now tweeted for a little over a week, i can say that it is actually pretty easy.

  2. Lack of comments on a blog can be discouraging, but many of us love reading what you’re up to!

  3. i dont comment in general – because in general i am coming to your blog and others like this blog for your knowledge and inspiration … and i really have little to add…and i really dislike the random comments on some blogs that seem more like self promoting than any extra benefit. but dont think less comments mean anything – if you are getting the hits and not the comments, i take it to mean that your audience is following you and your advice and knowledge and just dont write every little thing that flickers off their fingers just to be commenting (like on the fashion blogs or what-have-you) – your audience is of a different level – dare i say a more evolved level 🙂

    and thank you – really – for the info and inspiration because i am trying to get to some better point in my little world – and though i know i will never be a you or a novella or a ruth stout or a riana or all you talented people out there, seeing what you do makes me strive a little harder every day. thank you. and i dont twitter and probably never will but if i ever think i have anything of any interest to add, i will – that might be awhile though.

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