photos from the first week of november

i had big plans to get this out a couple of weeks ago before i took off  for the west coast, but it didn’t happen – so it’s happening now.  the west coast was great, and i’m currently jet lagged and bleary eyed from the overnight flight, but very glad to be back in detroit.

so even if they are late, here are this month’s addition of photos.

the late fall bounty at the market table.fall color on the service berriesthe recently flipped compost pile.  new compost piles! so neat!burdock seeds – getting stuck to all my clothes.onions ready for the winter.leaves down on the beds for winter.greens growing in the hoop house. sifted compost stowed in the hoop house for the winter.the last of the tomatoes in the hoop house.asparagus fronds turning yellow for fall.the greenhouse floor getting new fabric put down. bounty of winter squash

i hope to get west coast updates soon, but its gonna take awhile to sort though all the info and thoughts.


2 responses to “photos from the first week of november

  1. the compost piles look so fancy! way to go, robbie.

  2. Everything looks GREAT! There’s nothing quite as exciting as a big compost pile in my mind – love it!

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