help plan our trip

greeting folks – i’m working out a plan for a trip and i need yr help.  i’m gonna be headed out to oakland for the community food security coalition’s annual conference from the 5th though the 8th of november – and then heading up the coast of california and oregon – and flying out of portland.  we have somewhere between 5 and 7 days to travel depending on if ma gets enough of the bay area and is ready to head up the coast or wants to hang for a few.

i’m trying to get some plans in the works,

are there great urban ag projects or food projects i should not miss?

amazing food? – farmer markets? street food vendors?  ethnic food of the highest caliber?  restaurants i would be a fool to miss? local delicacies?

farms doing amazing and innovative work that we should check out?

beautiful forests and beach – tide pools to explore? amazing trees? waterfalls?

good breweries or places for beers?

a wonderful cabin or yurt to rent for a night?

other ideas?  strange california  and oregon stuff?  please share – and thanks in advance.



6 responses to “help plan our trip

  1. You must check out Mandela Marketplace and talk with the WYSE youth food justice team (they give the tour of their store, great example of youth leadership) and you must talk with Mr Leroy!!! Patrick you will really appreciate him I think. AND you MUST have breakfast at Brown Sugar Kitchen (all local and sustainable), the white cheddar grits are the best! and the waffles with apple cider vinegar syrup! Have fun and report back!!

  2. I have heard the food cart scene in San Francisco is pretty hot. Have a great trip!

  3. Steep Ravine cabins or campgrounds north of San Francisco are hard to get into, but awesome if you can do it — perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Very rustic.

  4. oh goodness! I made a similar trek last winter. I’ve got a couple notables:

    Swanton Berry Farm: A berry farm just north of Santa Cruz off highway 1 that nikki zahm sent me to, totally magical.
    If you’re in the santa cruz area, it’d be worthwhile to visit the Student Organic Farm.

    A pickle business in Berkeley called Cultured Pickle Shop. pretty fancy stuff, but some of the most creative whimsical ferments I’ve ever had. They only sell their seasonal specialties (the good stuff) out of the pickle kitchen in berkeley… worth the trek

    There’s an urban farm store in portland that was kinda neat. I believe it’s called “the urban farm store” or something almost as clever.

    there was a beer store in portland that had good beer. surprise!

    also, my sister lives in portland. she likes to drink, talk about art, and her and stacey have met before. if you want to get in touch with her- let me know!

    lastly, all the cliffs off highway 1! oh my god… the cliffs. just drive up that highway and enjoy.

  5. Ellen Edmondson

    Point Reyes for spectacular coastal views, maybe whales (though not the right time of year) wonderful local food including a fantastic dairy. Occiental Arts and Ecology Center, Occidental, California. Amazing permaculture site, beautiful gardens and social consciousness.

    Second the Pacific Coast Highway. Carmel if you want to see how the 1% live, but also great food and beautiful art.

  6. Hey there, this is Jessica from Phat Beets Produce in Oakland! I highly recommend checking out Rainbow Grocery Store in SF — it’s a beautiful co-op with great ambience and lots of fresh/local products, and spending a couple days eating in both cities 🙂 The SF street food scene (“off the grid”) is good on Thursday nights at Haight & Stanyan and Friday nights at Fort Mason Center. For some of the best/weirdest asian food in the area, check out Mission chinese food on Mission & 18th(ish?) in SF, you’ll have to wait for a table but it’s worth it (For real, Ferran Adria just visited! and it’s a dive!), and Spices 3 in Oakland’s chinatown. Mondays, Luka’s Bar & Taproom in downtown Oakland has $1 oysters, if you like that sort of thing. And most nights from 5-6 and 11-12, Adesso in North Oakland has free, excellent fancy italian appetizer-type foods; their cocktails are really expensive but really good, and the free food makes it totally worth it. Finally, you must head down International Blvd in Oakland, to 22nd St, and eat fish tacos & ceviche at the taco trucks Sinaloa. They also have pretty good carnitas & al pastor, but the fish is where it’s at.

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