mulberry liqueur


there are lots of ways of preserving summers flavors, utilizing booze has some obvious advantages.  we have a bunch of 100 proof vodka kicking around the house from making tinctures.  ma collected a bunch of mulberries this summer.  she made some cobblers and some other lovely treats, but with the leftovers we did what we often do, make a liqueur.

liqueurs are easy to make, delights many people and keep forever.  we have some from years ago.  the fact is ma and i like making them and sharing them a lot more than we like drinking them.

the procedure is simple.  put fruit in a jar, add a bunch of sugar, cover with vodka and shake daily until the sugar is all dissolved, then once the fruit has lost most of its color drain it off.  that can be about a month, but leaving the fruit in for longer isn’t going to really hurt anything, but more than three months and it starts to dissolve.

that’s it.  really.

so what to do with mulberry liqueur?  or any other fruit liqueur?  mostly i’d say its something to pull out on a cold winter night around a campfire and pass around, but mixed with some club soda it makes a lovely adult soda, drizzled over a little ice cream or use it to flambe some bananas, pears or apples.   i’d like to recommend against using 100 proof vodka, it’s just too hot, and dangerous.


One response to “mulberry liqueur

  1. keep in fridge while the fruit is in the vodka? or room temperature?

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