detroit grown fig

i love figs.  love em.  they don’t love the michigan winters.  you can grow them outdoors in michigan if you are willing to put some work into it, work that i’m not willing to do, at least not now while we are renting a place.  instead we just grow one in a pot.  its a nice looking plant too, and if you are ever lacking for a costume you can just grab a leaf and go as adam or eve.

much to my amazement the fig plant put on a fig this year after only growing it for a couple of years.  sliced really thin and served with cheese and crackers.  ma and i couldn’t be more happy with our first fig.  i’m just hopeful that this isn’t some sort of last-ditch effort before the thing keels over and dies, but it looks plenty healthy.


4 responses to “detroit grown fig

  1. What kind of fig is it? It looks delicious, I’ve tried growing one three times and finally I’ve run out of room to try another.

  2. this is awesome, but this blog ‘announcement’ is leaving me in suspense…what gives?

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