carrot people

we all know rocky soils are poor choices for growing good carrots, but they are great for growing carrot people.

the soils at work are filled with all kinds of concrete and asphalt, the ghosts of previous occupants.  we started pulling the first outdoor carrots this week, and many were these branched, curved, and distorted carrots.  i love the character that they have, but customers don’t seem to enjoy them, so they get photographed and eaten by staff and volunteers.

we did get some decent looking carrots for market, and should have more to harvest this week.  its about time to start planting more carrots for the fall harvest.


6 responses to “carrot people

  1. I don’t think I’d want to eat any of those! I’m afraid my system would reject the rejects :o)

  2. What a great post. We were just talking about the carrot we picked up at through Grown in Detroit at Eastern Market this weekend that looked like Michigan J. Frog. The kids had a great time walking it across the table singing “hello my baby, hello my darling, hello my lifelong pal…”

    • so you are telling me that folks wold buy carrots like that? maybe i should be selling them at the Grown in Detroit table.

  3. Carrot reject people! Yes.

  4. What is the quality of the soil? Should you be concerned about contaminants mixed in with the asphalt etc? I wouldn’t mind eating them
    as long as I know they’re healthy 😉

    • soil has been tested and is clean. i’ve been eating out of the garden for years now, and i seem well enough .

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