we got carrots

carrots hardly seem a justification for posting something, until on realizes how much hard work ma put into them.

not the most beautiful examples i have seen, but previous years attempts made your pinky look big.  this is the fourth season of growing in the garden at home.  the first year you could barely sink a spading fork down three inches.  while it’s certainly still the heaviest soil i’ve ever worked, we are able to get a broad fork down all the way, and even grow these little beauties.  sautéed up with some sugar snap peas, with a bit of pepper and some tamari, and you have a fine side dish!


4 responses to “we got carrots

  1. It looks like you got a bit of warm weather as they were maturing. Once the average gets over 80*f, carrots tend to be paler to downright white in colour. Soil moisture is another cause of pale carrots as well, too much and you get similar results. combination of the two? With the heavy soil retaining moisture, and a month or so of warmer weather?

    Sand and compost the soil, and hold back the water for next year, even planting a month or so earlier may help, so they mature in the cooler spring

    Good luck

  2. all that may be right, but this was a stand of rainbow carrots, ranging in color between white, yellow, orange, and some purple ones not seen in this photo.

  3. Ah, you didn’t mention the rainbow carrots 🙂

    I’ve had normal ones look like that 🙂

  4. They certainly are some nice looking carrots..I can’t wait to say “At last I grew carrots :o)”

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